(We all know his opinion on giving away his material possessions, don't we?

) He was also unhappy with the Sonic the Hedgehog DLC (likely because it made it marginally difficult for him to create his horrid abominations in-game).

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Chris has every available trophy for the game in his Play Station Network trophy case, as well as every single game add-on available in the PSN Store.

The biggest reason Chris latched onto Little Big Planet was that it let him make Sonichu: The Game; no other game in existence was sufficiently idiot-proof for the purpose.

He has had problems saving his profile, because he has collected so much stuff - and there is a certain limit on how many level-creation widgets the player character can carry or stuff into a level at any given time.

In response, he created "collector's cases" to help him store all his crap.

Of course, Chris still managed to make somewhat horrific levels and it took until LBP 2 until Chris's output started to look at least somewhat plausible.

The title is also a widely-touted Play Station exclusive, often cited by console-warring fanboys in their attacks on the HEXBox, which is possibly another reason Chris likes it so much.

As he knows absolutely nothing about how video games work, he demands that the parts be completely redone to match his own moronic concepts.

In yet another example of irony flying right over Chris's balding head, his favorite video game is narrated by Stephen Fry, a well-known homosexual and enthusiastic gay rights advocate.

(He's also a successful author, actor, comedian, narrator for classic literature and film, and proponent of the supremacy of science, as opposed to theism, making him something close to the platonic anti-Chris.) Sony and Chris have become best friends and worst enemies over Little Big Planet.