Adam used to be a video game tester and is also really into Amiibos, so he is uniquely qualified to be an Indoor Kids guest. This week Emily and Kumail welcome their old pal David Angelo to talk about when they all lived in Bushwick, Brooklyn, his history with video games, and more. "Join us live from LA's own RIOT fest with Troy Baker, Thomas Middleditch and Pat Cassels.

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Grab your Energy Swords(Mountain Dew liter bottles)! We talk about the resurgence of indie horror, the challenges of writing a video game, and also Ron Perlman. **SPOILER ALERT** for Medal Gear Solid around minutes"Today Kumail and Emily welcome Josh and Greg from The Megas to talk about their band, their influences, what they're playing now, and how useful an app that tells you how long cutscenes are would be.

© 2011, Nerdist Industries And if you haven't heard, we are going on a hiatus while we both have demanding full time gigs for a bit. There are Until Dawn spoilers, but they are late in the podcast and clearly delineated! "The first ever crowdsourced Indoor Kids episode is here!

We love you, love making this podcast, love hearing from all of you (even those of you that correct us mercilessly), and we have especially loved finding a community of like-minded, silly, smart, passionate people. "Today you're getting a Kumail and Emily-only episode where we recap our one day at NYCC and then talk about all the games we're playing and read your best (or worst) embarrassing gamer stories. "Today you get to hear the magic of a live podcast episode with Kumail, Emily, Jared Logan, and Thomas Middleditch! Emily and Kumail were absolutely blown away by how charming and professional and diverse your submissions were, and thank you so much for contributing.

We'll keep playing and keep posting about what we're playing, so don't unfollow us on Facebook and Twitter just yet. The things you're consuming included anything from the Marvel app to Desert Golf to Better Off Ted to a really random drink, and they loved hearing about them all!

"Today our pal actor/comedian Jon Daly joins us to talk about how he is playing all old Atari and Sega games on emulators, and discusses the good, the bad, and the horrible (Custer's Revenge).

Also a longer Intro Kids where Kumail and Emily teach you song lyrics for Dragon Age and more!The Indoor Kids isn't just about video games, but it isn't not about video games. "Today Kumail and Emily welcome voice over actress extraordinaire Laura Bailey!The Indoor Kids is all about the kind of lifestyle you have to lead in order to be a proper Gamer, capital G. Gordon as they take on a journey from childhood Shinobi obsessions, up through the best and worst video game adaptations of movies. Today Kumail and Emily welcome Graham Reznick and Larry Fessenden, writers of the game Until Dawn and producers/writers/genre creators of a bunch of amazing movies. We talk about Monster High, the perils of mo-cap performances, and much more!Join us in an exploration of 8 bit and 16 bit games and learn to appreciate old school game music as if it were jazz."Today Kumail and Emily welcome Gerry Duggan, writer of countless comic books, Sunset Overdrive, Attack of the Show (RIP) and much more. Plus Emily eats a Cadbury Egg during the recording."Today Kumail and Emily welcome Naomi Kyle, host of IGN's The Daily Fix and also her own You Tube stuff, to talk about what she's playing now and how she got started at IGN.We have a discussion about change in the fictional worlds we love and also got real silly with 90s references."Today Kumail and Emily hang with Malik Forte, Gaming Overlord of Nerdist Industries, to obsess over Mortal Kombat X. Also we do a lot of Hugh Grant puns."Today Kumail and Emily welcome their good friend Adam Dorsey to the show.Contributors include (not in order): Angelo R Gordon B James M Danielle C Matt and Pat Matt E Zac K Candace H Mag and Mr.