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By the way, people are able to do this due to a thing known as the , a part of the brain that takes whatever is coming in to your ears, and it plays it over and over again for a few seconds in your head after you hear it. (you don’t want to be this kind of friend, but the example is there to show you that you can still be charismatic through a focus on yourself). The word ‘magical’, being a part of the definition of ‘charming’ really is a quality that someone has that makes others happy.

The key is knowing how to do it without being a downer. Admittedly, They actually have a way of making people laugh (whether it be at THEM or at something/someone else). People who are able to be charming through a focus on themselves often or intrigue you. Be aware of the two kinds of charm, and your femininity, and be comfortable in being a woman.

Because you’re really just focusing on yourself (in a bad way). Well, some may think that if they keep obsessing over it, they might eventually be doing the ‘right’ thing. But guess what, people will judge you for that, too!! 🙂If you know other people’s judgments ultimately don’t make a difference to what you do, then you’re well on your way to becoming charming. In interaction with others, be at the same energy level or higher. Don’t get too caught up in your own judgments of others and their views that you can’t even carry on a conversation with them and continue being present. Have you ever been saying something to someone, and they look like they are off in space, and you feel like a bit of a donkey for speaking whilst no-one is listening?

(read my article about Instead, focus on using the power that you do have. You cannot do the ‘right thing’ by others all the time. Granted, people say hurtful things, and it’s ok to be upset – but it’s really all about not getting so caught up in your own need to be ‘accepted’. Bouncing back on other people’s level also means to mirror them (copy their facial expressions and mannerisms), and influence them with your (this can also be feminine energy of course) :). If they’re upset, judge the situation – maybe it’s better to show sympathy. If they say something that seems weird to you, that’s not in your way of thinking – just accept it and keep the energy up. To be charming, magical and endearing, you have to be able to make people feel like you are and lighten up? And then only to become MORE annoyed when you say “you’re not listening” and they say, “yes I was!

(And yes, we can all have charm) People around you will be much nicer to you if you show up to be “charming”. We all have the same basic human needs, and we all experience pain and pleasure of some sort; even though we are all clearly .

It’s not like I can actually give you action steps to follow and it will then all fall in to place. 🙂 To become charming, you can follow actions steps, but what is important is the of a charming woman. Although, I tend to associate charisma more with men, and charm more with women. You probably admire how effortlessly charming this woman/man seems.This doesn’t make you an air head or a dummy, it makes you charming, especially to a man.(Click here to take the quiz on “Am I Dating a Commitment Friendly Man?You have to be the judge of that and you have to go out there to experience it for yourself. It doesn’t matter if right now, you’re sad about what has happened to you in the past, or maybe even angry that someone has done you wrong, it will all change in the future.You’re about to learn some of the most closely guarded secrets to help you succeed in dating and relationships with men.”) If you make a mistake, just go straight back to being the woman that you are.