The television personality took singing and dancing lessons thoughout her childhood.

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The cast is just as close as always, going through every day at the Fantasy Factory as they have for the last few years.

“I’m the only girl on the show with a cast full of guys, and they’re all like my brothers,” Chanel says.

"After I signed on to Young Money, [Rob] didn’t really know what to do, and the question of, ‘How do we keep [Chanel] on the show?

’ became very real since I was a signed artist now.” Instead, Dyrdek and the cast decided to take the show in a new direction that would let them work together while also giving them room to explore their other interests.

The move was huge not only for Chanel, but also for Dyrdek and the rest of the cast, who realized that Chanel couldn't stay in the rapping receptionist role that served as her claim to fame.

“Honestly, the biggest setback to my music career was people’s perception that I was a reality TV star, not a rapper," she says.

While MTV fans know her as a reality TV star, Dyrdek first knew Chanel as a rapper who had been working on her music since she was 14.

Chanel eventually received an offer from Dyrdek that put her in the spotlight.

for the fourth time, continuing two popular reality TV series with their own unique characters.

One of Dyrdek’s most consistent and longtime cast members is Chanel West Coast, Dyrdek’s receptionist in But what’s interesting about Chanel is her role as the only lead woman in both shows, roles she won after an unexpected encounter with Dyrdek through Myspace.

“I was inviting Rob to come see these little shows I was performing at, but he could never make it because he was so busy.