To be candid, I usually feel tired and beat up after writing a book, but I don’t now.

I feel energized and razor sharp about the subject matter.

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They are still together today and she is featured on his show on a regular basis.

Together they had two sons, Jay who was born in 1979 and Jay who was born in 1986.

I was so consumed with the process that I forgot to eat, and for me, that is a serious omission! I created a sheet on every single one of these jerks.

(Some took several sheets to really capture the “essence” of who they were and what they had done or tried to do!

As I said, I had a whole set of lists, and I actually put them up on the office wall so I could pace back and forth as I looked for, studied, and added to commonalities.

I even color-coded certain things with my little granddaughter Avery’s highlighters so I could see whether certain tactics, certain underhanded dealings, recurred from situation to situation.

Then, we shift gears in a big way, and you’re going to read about yourself and get an insider’s knowledge-based “Life Code” playbook on how to power up and win, and I mean win big, in your life, regardless of your encounters along the way with any of the “jerks” from the first part.

I want to share every part of the process with you because there’s a lot of value in how I developed these “New Rules.” When I decided to write about those people in this world who you wish would have never darkened your doorway, I started with my own personal life and experiences.

In this book, I intend to help you understand how the world really works and who you really are as you go about dealing with this real world.

I don’t even want you to change who you are so much as I want to add to who you are—unless, of course, you are one of the people I am describing in Chapters 1, 2, and 3!

I’m sure some of yours will too.) At the top, I described the scenario wherein they tried to jerk me around.