Listen as they improvise, reenact, and laugh about the funny things in life. He talks about being in LMFAO, his new 30-track album 'Fxck Yeah: Chaos to Consciousness,' and having Berry Gordy as a grandfather. Delious Kennedy dives into The Koy Pond with Jo and AJ Rafael.

They talk about the start of Vinnie's career as a fitness expert, how Jo can get a six pack, and a hypothetical collaboration with legendary boxer Vinnie...

The Koy Pond is live from a secret location in Hollywood as AJ Rafael joins Jo Koy, Lance Patrick, Chris Laxamana, and Nick Davis on stage.

ad_params=zones=Preroll, Preroll2, Midroll, Midroll2, Midroll3, Midroll4, Midroll5, Midroll6, Postroll, Postroll2|station_id=1726.mp3 Adam opens the show talking about the importance of having ‘something to lose’ in order to get our society back on track.

Adam then plays the old K-TEL Smokey Robinson commercial that he wanted to watch during the Ray Parker Jr. Adam also takes fan phone calls about people who change lanes without signaling, women in commercials that don’t exist, and adult coloring books.

Plus the guys have a few sing-a-longs to some classic R&B hits including a few All-4-One hits.

Fitness trainer Vinnie Tortorich dives back into the Koy Pond for a few more laps!I was personally invited to Disney World by Princess Jasmine and Aladdin!I guess i'll have to stop by on my trip to Orlando in September. They will love it plus it's only hahaha Merry Hoodmas - EP by Bon Qui Qui Daaaaaaayum!Mike talks about his first song going viral, and Adam asks him how he carries over his discipline from sports into the music world.The guys also talk about dating Jose Conseco’s daughter.AJ Rafael jumps back into The Koy Pond to jam with Jo and Lance.