The Simpson source adds, "What really upset her was the timing.

Nick waited until two weeks before his album debut to tell a reporter that he loved Jessica. "He keeps saying, 'I'm sorry I couldn't make her happy,' but he is not choosing to say why." Simpson has turned down offers to tell her side of the story and cancelled a Vanity Fair cover story after it became clear she would have to talk about the split for the story. I have created it exactly one year ago - the time went by so fast! I'd like to thank everyone who make this forum so fun and addicting, my awesome co-admins and moderators who have been doing a great job and helping me lots! Thanks for the feedback, it's great to hear from you!

The source adds, "She will not take the low road." Contact The guest list for the annual Derby Eve Barnstable Brown Gala in Louisville is short on A-list stars but deep in its B-listiness. And of course all the great Jessica fans who decided to jump in and join the fun! Guys, I'm such an idiot, I totally forgot to renew the domain for Jessica and it expired yesterday - that's why the forum is down at the moment.

The 'Newlyweds' stars split last year after three years of marriage, and the pair are in the middle of divorce proceedings.

Jessica has now been spotted wearing the wedding band on a chain round her neck rather than on her finger.

A source close to the blonde singer tells US publication People, "She was devastated, heartbroken.

She didn't think he would do that." Friends gathered at Simpson's house the day the article hit newsstands to help console her and she even received a call from Lachey himself.

A friend of Lachey's tells the magazine, "He wanted her to hear it from him.

"He felt bad that she was upset, but Nick didn't apologise, because the things he said (in the article) only demonstrate that he loves her." Simpson's camp believes he is trying to use the publicity to promote his upcoming CD, What's Left Of Me, which is set for release 19 May (06).She says, "I've known him for years and he's a friend and I admire his work... "I'm sorry guys, you've gotta find a new girl to pick fun at." Minnillo appears as Lachey's love interest in his new video WHAT'S LEFT OF ME.and, of course, you know how the biz goes - as soon as I worked with him, now, all of a sudden, we're dating! Contact Jessica Simpson is wearing her wedding ring again - but insists she isn't back with estranged husband, Nick Lachey.In other categories, Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo star Rob Schneider will compete with Beyonce Knowles (The Pink Panther), Alba, and Jessica Simpson (Dukes Of Hazzard) for the Sexiest Performance honour. The Newlyweds stars split after three years of marriage late last year (05), however Lachey insists the confessional song What's Left Of Me place more blame on himself than her.And parents-to-be Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are favourites to claim the Best Fight for their rumble in Mr Mrs Smith. The 32-year-old says, "It's not in any way vindictive or an assault on her. "Jessica knows I still love her." Lachey also sings about his marriage break-up on I Can't Hate You Anymore.I'm so sorry, I was so busy studying for the exam... The former 98 Degrees star hoped the feature in the respected magazine would give his image a much needed boost and was horrified when he saw his face adorning the less prestigious publication.