knows he can’t claim girlfriend Amy Reimann’s dog as his own — not yet, anyway — but he admits he likes the shaggy little animal.

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April 2010 - Present It was first reported that Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

Because by 2010 she was a director of a studio in Charlotte named Micami Design Studio. girlfriend met him while doing her work, she was hired to do interior design in his home and that was when it all started.

They began to date and be a couple since 2010; however their first official appearance together happened in 2011 in the NASCAR awards.

She has made her point clear so due to the fact that Dale did not want to lose her, he proposed.

Dale admits that she is special and gives him a lot of strength and that he does not know many people in his life like her. girlfriend is happy to become his fiancé and has big expectations from their relationships.

The happy couple had their relationship going on when Amy gave him a deadline to get engaged, because she stated to him that she does not want to be Dale Earnhardt Jr.

girlfriend and wanted to become his fiancé instead.

If you like THAT - you're going to absolutely adore the Cup championship "wedding gift" that NASCAR hands Junior after his "triumphant return" in 2017 (just like they gave Kyle after his "triumphant return" in 2015. Most are happy to report daily what Ralph pooped for breakfast, then somehow twist the father into the bathroom conversation.

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