My skin is tighter, brighter, clearer, and I use almost no makeup, which I prefer in the summer. I have had lines most of my life on my neck and have been ashamed of them.

I also suffer from adult acne, but my skin has remained clear since I started using these products. After using this product i can't quite see them anymore and I am 65 years old!!!!

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I use a little of the facial cream on my neck morning and night as well. I gave a 4 star rating only because there has been one consistent issue that I’ve had with the products, since day one. I've only been using these,products for one week and can see a noticeable difference already in my skin.

No matter how little I use, it still peels off of my face a little (both day and night creams; more so the day). My face looks and feels so soft and the lines seems to be much less noticeable. I have bought many different products over the years but never really followed through with them.

The Bio Clock Anti-Aging Activation System is a set of products specially designed to be used together, day and night, to achieve maximum effectiveness.

All of these women did just that to realize these results, which they were all thrilled with. I have been using the BIO-CLOCK Activation Anti-Aging System for 3 weeks now and absolutely love it, I can see and feel the difference in my face and also my hands and fingers!!

I thought I was seeing a difference, but honestly didn't realize how much of a difference until I saw the photos I took of myself. PS I am 60 years old The skin routine morning and night is simple to use. I just turned 49 years old this year and am finally taking care of my skin for the first time, I'm kind of ashamed to say that.

This is almost 2 months using morning and night as directed. I’ve seen results as far as brightness, scars fading, and I’m pretty sure my smile lines have softened. Christy Brinkley's beauty program is fantastic and very user friendly.

I started to get compliments on my skin about 2 weeks after I began using the system.

Now I am regularly being asked if I am sleeping better.

Christie isn’t camera-shy (like John’s ex Meg Ryan) and apparently the two of them get a kick out of being in their 60’s and still considered a paparazzi target.