It’s an opportunity to shine or whine (because, you know, you failed… It’s a good idea to have the basics memorized, like name, background, interests, whatever she’s told you about her family, food allergies, whether she shoots right or left handed, her feelings regarding the trade deficit, and her stance on In your BI interview?I couldn’t think up a good rhyming antonym for “shine.”). The odds are good you’ll get asked for definitions and/or descriptions of the BI basics.Do your research, in the same way you probably checked out that person on Facebook and Twitter (everyone does it, don’t judge).

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Wait until the Internet of Things (Io T) starts showering you with so much information you’ll finally get a handle on what “big data” means and why monster computers are required to make sense of it.

According to the Future of Dating: 2016 report by e Harmony and Imperial College Business School, a growing percentage of our date selection process will be based on smart technology.

” Likewise, don’t tell the interviewer their brand means a steady paycheck.

Know the company, know the brand, and know why you (should) like and want to work for them.

Do it tactfully, and with an eye towards how those accomplishments can help you can grow with the other person (or the company), and you’re being genuine.

If you think dating and relationships are already complicated enough, hang on.

Job interviews— again, like dates— can be stressful. ”Similarly, the generic job interview questions may be the standard palaver about “why do you want this job,” “what makes you well suited,” but you also may wind up with a sudden “what’s your fifteen-year plan,” or, “how does a position here fit into your ideal life,” or even “tell me why the Board of Directors should fire me and hire you instead.” Sadly, that last question never takes a trippy, end-of-This one gives you the chance to do two things: show off your soft skills, and demonstrate that you can do collaboration on a personal, as well as a technical level. Did you offer to pay, or split, or whatever’s considered financially appropriate? As for collaboration, though that word usually connotes the ability to share or annotate something in a BI application, there’s human collaboration that you want to show off, too.

It’s easy to wind up rambling further and further away from coherence. In fact, when I think about it, watching a guy backpedal from a dumb comment, unable to stop the snowballing, is kind of a verbal gender reversal of the classic male slasher/female victim relationship of horror movies. The soft skill is important, much as it is in dating. The ability to collaborate with the business people (if you’re on the tech side of things, or vice versa) is key.

If I were being very idealistic, I wouldn’t even call it bragging…at least, if your above-and-beyond was genuine.

It’s one thing to talk about how you helped find tens of thousands of dollars by drilling down into several demographics, it’s another entirely to talk about how, I don’t know, Richard Branson poached his style from you.

When I think about the stress-inspired strings of bad responses I’ve given in interviews, I suddenly feel a strange kinship with a slasher movie victim’s train of regrettable decisions (Escape in the car or hide in a room with no easily accessible exits? The benefit of SBO is that even a complete clod can find their way out of a fearful flummox. Just think up a problem, what you did, and how it helped. If the IT folks and the business folks don’t know what the others want and need, all the functionalities and tools in the world won’t help you.