My rule of thumb is to sleep with him when you are comfortable when you have seen that his actions do not contradict his words.

How long should you date the person before thinking seriously about marriage? You have to decide whether you need to marry, have to marry, or want to marry.

Or is it because the person you want to marry makes your life better in many ways?

Many employees interviewed believed that Ameridose emphasized quantity and speed instead of quality and safety.

The article also stated that in 2008 an inspector from the FDA found that the firm did not use adequate potency testing on their products.

is a large-scale compounding pharmacy based in Westborough, Massachusetts.

The company was founded, along with its sister company New England Compounding Center, by brothers-in-law Greg Conigliaro and Barry Cadden.

There are a lot of reasons why one would want to get married. Their biological clock is ticking (this is for women). They have been dating for a long time and don't want to wait anymore. If this is the case, then it depends on how long you have been dating.

Parents are getting impatient and starting to pressurize. To figure that out, you first need to find out the reason why you want to get married. Once you figure that out, the rest is not very difficult.

They have been dating for years, they know almost everything there is to know about their partner, and so they see no point in wasting any more time 'courting'.

On the other hand, if you have met your partner right before getting out of college, then it makes sense that you wait for a year or two and get to know each other better, while settling down financially, before you marry.

In December 2012, FOX25 reporter Mike Beaudet interviewed a former Ameridose employee.