If you’re both in town for the holidays, consider making reservations for a nice meal or maybe taking in some holiday lights at your nearest local attraction. Your wallet will be glad to hear that no women in our survey expected you to spend over 0 on their gift if you’ve only been dating a few months.

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No, showing up at her house on Christmas Eve and suggesting you watch a movie probably isn’t going to cut it, but you might not need jewelry or cashmere to win her affections.

Nearly 60 percent of women said they’d rather have a shared experience, such as a concert or other event, than a tangible gift.

If she’s not a jewelry kind of gal, maybe she loves toting her camera around on all of your adventures together?

Check out this wifi-enabled memory card that backs up all her photos automatically and allows for easy social sharing: Check out our other gift ideas on our Holidating Gift Guide on Pinterest (you don’t need an account to view it): Follow It's Just Lunch's board Holidating Gift Guide by It's Just Lunch on Pinterest.” “Finishing up your holiday shopping together is a great two-turtledoves-with-one-stone date: You’ll check off everyone who’s left on your list, and practice working together as a team.And it will only cost you the money you’ve already planned to spend on presents, plus perhaps a cocktail if you take a break along the way.If you’ve been dating for less than three months, a whopping 84 percent of women would be happy with a nice dinner or tickets to a future event together.If you’re not exclusive yet, and you’re still keeping your options open, look for something happening in the next few weeks.Mid-December through mid-February is considered a peak period for online dating, said Justin Garcia, scientific advisor for the international online dating site and faculty member at IU's Kinsey Institute and Department of Gender Studies in the College of Arts and Sciences.