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Also includes a history of the Web and electronic mail. This paper reviews the history, the goals, the organisation and the components of CSNET (the Computer Science Research Network).

The scanned copies of Conne Xion form a valuable archive of technical articles and discussions from a pivotal time in the Internet's history.

PBS's Nerds 2.0.1 A follow-up to the original History of the IETF/The Internet Society relationship By Vint Cerf, July 1995.

Internet History and Growth (PPT: 1MB) Presentation by William Slater III - Chicago Chapter of the Internet Society Interesting Historical Background to Internet Governance Issues By One of the Internet Pioneers Address by John Klensin to the opening of the IGF, Rio de Janeiro, 2007 A Short History of Internet Protocols at CERN By Ben Segal Net History A site dedicated to Internet history links, including Internet, email, web and other related history sources.

Brief History of the Internet Narrative of the Internet and Related Networks by Vint Cerf.

History of the Internet This is an in-depth, researched article about the Internet with accurate and updated data.

Conne Xions: The Interoperability Report Conne Xions was a monthly publication which ran from 1987-1996 focusing on computer interoperability, particularly the development of networking protocols.From the early days of ARPANET to today’s mobile technologies, here we share some of the proposed histories of the Internet from various personalities and organizations: A Brief History of the Internet Written by those who made it history, including Barry M. A Concise Guide to the Major Internet Bodies By Alex Simonelis Who is Who in the Internet World (Wi Wi W.org) A perpetual archive devoted to Internet pioneers worldwide. Imagining the Internet: A History and Forecast A diverse collection of resources by Elon University and Pew Internet Project including concise historical information, current Internet governance discussions, and predictions about the future of the Internet. As a modest first step, individuals who played key roles in the creation and growth of the Internet in the UK are being invited to give presentations at UKNOF meetings. IUKNOF Internet History Project The early days of the Internet in the United Kingdom.Announcing The Internet Society by Vint Cerf, Bob Kahn, Lyman Chapin, 1992 Internet History Mail List An archived mailing list for questions about Internet history The World Wide Web: Past, Present and Future By Tim Berners-Lee, Director of the World Wide Web Consortium and a principal research scientist at the Laboratory for Computer Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.