No matter how beautiful or appealing Russian woman is – do not send money! Second advice – go and stay in hotel (or an apartment).

If for some reasons you cannot travel you can help her not sending money directly to her, for example, buying tickets for her, paying for hotel, or compensating her half of her expenses when she comes to you and you see her in real, but do not send money for the people whom you know from internet. If it is just a first meeting with a woman then we would not advise you to stay in her apartment.

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Let it be something simple from your country, but it should be carefully chosen with attention to her interests and it will show your care about her, that you not just went to have a good time with her or without her, but that you planned to meet exactly her, thought also about her and her interests before going.

If she has children then you should bring something for her children also (toys, sweets, books, etc) We know a lot of successful stories of relationships that were born in Internet and were successfully turned into real ones.

What matters in such relationships is a wish to be together and wish of 2 people to fight any problems, especially problem of distance.

Besides as usually in such relationships the Russian woman is the one who moves to the man he should show more care about these relationships and appear to be really strong, show that he is able to fight with problems and take responsibility to develop relationships further. And also it can be quite difficult for the women to find a normal man in Russia because Russian men like to drink a lot and quite many of them do not percept women as Women, but just as housewives who should just do work about the house and leave their hopes for love and respect.

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HIH Insurance was founded in 1968 by Ray Williams and Michael Payne.

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