The best way to ensure you leave your date disappointed is to go into it having the wrong expectations.

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Any type of silence during a first date will be awkward so try to avoid it at all costs.

These are nights where most singles have things planned with their friends.

An easy trick to create intimacy during a first date is to sit next to your date and not across from them.

It takes the “interrogation” factor out of the encounter and allows the both of you to vibe off of each other’s energy.

Will you still find each other attractive upon second look?

Will this be your first and last gay date you have with this person?So you got his name, got his number, had a few conversations via phone and text and there’s some talk about going the two of you going on a date.You are excited about getting some face time, but also nervous because you are not sure of how things will turn out. Will you guys hit it off or will the evening be riddled with awkward silence?This article will offer some tips on how to approach your first date with that lucky guy you’ve chosen to get to know in sequence of that date’s occurrence.While these are by no means “rules”, these ideas can offer a means to ground yourself and make the most out of the experience without sabotaging it before it gets off the ground.Luckily for you, I’m going to let you in on a few tricks that will not only take the edge off of planning your gay first date, but also increase your chances of scoring a second and quite possibly a third.