Now I would like to keep doing gardening without spending much money and get some good results.""This course gave me the confidence to get my hands in the dirt and try planting new things.

My kids have been encouraged to try more veggies- straight from the garden.

When I don't know the answer, I have my wonderful Master Gardener manual to fall back on and I have sought out online groups to share and learn information.

I can take control of fertilizer and amount of water that need to be applied for each crop.

I can decide appropriately which plants should be in greenhouse and outside so that each will grow properly.

This is optional as all required reading is provided digitally in the course.

If you prefer to participate in a classroom-based course, check with thecourse contactfor your location for information about upcoming face-to-face Alaska Master Gardener classes.

It grew out of a need to meet an enormous increase in requests from home gardeners for horticultural information.

Master Gardeners have become a vital part of Extension’s ability to provide consumers with up-to-date reliable information.

Master Gardening has also given its participants a sense of community spirit, accomplishment and intellectual stimulation.

Cooperative Extension staff, State Extension Specialists, and local gardening professionals teach a series of classes to train volunteers in unbiased, research-based, home horticulture practices.

On average, the course takes students 3 hours each week to complete. Leilani Luhrs of Togiak, AK said, "I started the 'garden' movement in my community.

Being one the first to garden in Togiak, AK inspired others to try and succeed in gardening.

The courseincludes lessons on botany, starting plants, soil, composting, growing vegetables, growing fruit and berries, flowers, season extension, greenhouses, landscaping, house plants, entomology, pest management, and plant disease diagnostics.