Most producers make Riesling of several different sweetness levels.- James Molesworth Riesling from New York State is able to hold its own alongside those from well-established regions in Germany or Austria, yet it is comparatively little known outside its own state boundaries.

As such it remains one of the wine world’s few remaining secrets.

First grade teacher Jean Shutter helps out some of her students.

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Any therapy dog owners interested in participating may contact her at [email protected]

In what is surely one of the best times of the year for first graders at Skoi-Yase School in Waterloo is the annual gingerbread house making event which was held Tuesday.

Rafael Diaz Diaz and other musicians stopped by the Finger Lakes Times and treated staff members to a number of Hispanic Christmas Carols. Giovanna Jensen, 3, of Seneca Falls gets some helping picking out stuff with Seneca County Sheriff's Deputy John Breese and Sher. After months or organizing and preparation, the Operation Merry Christmas project of the Geneva Center for Concern culminated Saturday with the distribution of holiday boxes and food for many of the less fortunate in the area.

In Puerto Rico, the impromptu performances are known as parrandas. The Seneca County Christmas Project once again helped many Seneca County families be able to have a Merry Christmas with the distribution of toys, clothes and food.

The items were part of a "Fill Up The Car" toy drive the department was taking part in to help area kids that were in need this Christmastime.

With the It's A Wonderful Life event also happening that day, the toy drive got plenty of exposure ad gifts.

Pat Novak was one of many volunteers helping sort and organize items last week in the gymnasium of the Seneca Falls Community Center.

Three community assistance programs in Penn Yan were recently held to help those in need.

They have 20 hectares of vineyard which they manage in parcels according to the soil type and meso-climate.