If there is something that is incorrect or unclear, please let me know.IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS REGARDING THE OPERATION OF THE AIRCRAFT, REFER TO THE MANUAL OR POST THEM TO THE PMDG SUPPORT FORUM.This is done to facilitate learning the 747 systems, to save time, and to only focus on the systems that are likely to be necessary to establish an operational aircraft.

finedrive 400 updating procedures-23

Extract the Cold Dark file to the Flight Simulator 9\PMDG\747400\Panel State folder.

Extract to your Flight Simulator 9\PMDG\FLIGHTPLANS folder.

I HAVE NO CURRENT PLANS FOR UPDATING THIS GUIDE (EXCEPT IF ERRORS ARE FOUND) OR FOR WRITING AN FMC GUIDE. You can also redistribute this as long as you link to the original (which will always be kept up-to-date) found at PDF version is available by clicking the icon below.

You will notice that this guide deviates from the published Normal Procedures checklist.

You just stepped through the cockpit door of the cold and dark 747-400, the most magnificent passenger aircraft on the planet.

You are the captain on this short flight from KLAX to KEDW and will direct all flight operations.But your plane's been parked for awhile and is totally powered down. If the panel switcher is not visible, click on the center console pillar below the compass to display it.We first want to get some power flowing to the basic cockpit systems. The overhead panel is roughly divided into the following sections. Left click to press the button to turn on the battery.I WILL NOT ANSWER STUPID QUESTIONS THAT ARE ANSWERED ELSEWHERE.:-) On the other hand, if you have a legitimate question or concern, please contact me and I'll be happy to respond.You'll notice that the cockpit is totally powered down.