Jessie does not give an explanation on how to use ladders as they are climbed automatically by walking into them.

Everything is almost identical to how it is in the final version of the game, bar the lack of the ® symbol.

The menu is not accessible; therefore, Materia and items are inaccessible except during battles.

Additionally, both demos include elements not accessible at this point in the final game, such as already-leveled-up Materia, a summon, and a third party member.

The purpose of this is probably to show as many features of the final game as possible while keeping the demo reasonably short.

The scene where the screen goes red and Cloud reacts is missing.

If the player runs out of time before they escape the reactor, it will still say Mission Complete.

Outraged by the Shinra,the inhabitants formed the rebel group 'Avalanche' to resist them.

After coming into contact with Avalanche in a bar, Cloud joins their demolition mission in return for a large reward.

The disc also contained a playable demo of Bushido Blade, as well as video previews of Bushido Blade, Saga Frontier, and Final Fantasy Tactics.

Square later re-used this demo disc as their own promotional item.

Four demo versions of Final Fantasy VII have been released; two for the Play Station and two for the PC.