It's an exemplary example of how forensic analysis ofopen source data can produce powerful results. "Secret Bases" is now split into more manageable sections, in order to speed-up download times.

I admire your investigative prowessand wish you well in further testing the boundaries of 'freedom of information'. Once you've finished browsing this first part, all you need to do is click on buttons at the bottom of this page to move on to the other parts.

These sites should already not only beaware of what is public, but also have taken security measures accordingly.

Your 'Secret Base' site is an excellent example of what can be achieved by painstaking,forensic research of what is available from open sources and the Internet.

He assured me that the fact that they still show sensitive sites as empty fields is because of the time lag between Ordnance Survey becoming aware of the new policy and their publication of new editions of the maps, rather than any sinister Government involvement.

Indeed, the high resolution aerial photography of Britain's "Secret Bases", offered for sale on the Internet by Getmapping plc, was cleared by Mr. Even so, various defence analysts raised concerns, as detailed in a BBC News article.

Whatever might be deemed to be 'sensitive' has usually been known to the'opposition' for years and it is only the general public who are denied their'right to know' by officious, blinkered, low-level bureaucrats.

Your website contains a vast amount of first class, eye-opening information,based on original research.Astonishing collection of information about military and government sites that werekept from the maps until satellite technology made such rulings redundant. Please note that this page requires a modern Java Script enabled browser in order to work properly.If you're only looking for super-secret bases in Pokémon, this website might not satisfy you. By "base", I mean those British Government installations or military sites you've seen surrounded by razor wire fences and guarded by Ministry of Defence (Mo D) police. The UK Government hasn't (yet) developed stealth technology in the visible range of the electromagnetic spectrum.As revealed back in May 2006, in scientific journals New Scientist and Physics World, the technology involves the development of special composite "metamaterials".They have very unusual refractive properties that alter the propagation of light beams.In February 2004, the Secretary of the D-Notice Committee, Rear Admiral Nick Wilkinson, contacted me to assure me that things have changed for the better and that the system has been overhauled in recent years.