Network: ABC Family Episodes: 43 (hour) Seasons: Four TV show dates: January 8, 2007 — November 9, 2009 Series status: Cancelled Performers include: Russell Hornsby, Nicki Micheaux, Erica Hubbard, Rhyon Nicole Brown, Mishon Ratliff, Robert Adamson, Michael Reilly Burke, Alice Greczyn, Gus Hoffman, William Stanford Davis, Alex Carter, Cory Hardrict, Chadwick Boseman, Lisa Renee Pitts, Tyler Posey, Darrin Dewitt Henson, and Julie St. TV show description: Eddie Sutton (Russell Hornsby) is a dedicated police officer and his wife Jenn (Nicki Micheaux) is a devoted nurse.

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Elizabeth (“Lizzie”) is the middle child of the family and has an aptitude for both dance and sports.

Taylor (“Tay”) is the youngest of the clan and has a talent for singing.

That's why I work so hard to tell the best stories because I want this kind of show to succeed because maybe it will send a message to programmers that we should do more of this and it really dispel the myth that a show like this can't work so at least we've done that.

I love that ABC Family has the courage to put it on because so many other networks said it was an impossibility so it's been a pleasure to work with them because they believe in that vision.

JH: What is it about the show that has audiences responding so favorably?

KMA: Because we're telling the story that nobody else is and the audience wants this story.

Over at ABC Family, "Lincoln Heights," the one-hour drama focusing on the lives of an African-American family living in a Los Angeles working class neighborhood, has actually seen its ratings climb with each season proving wrong any naysayer (i.e., television executive) that says the family drama is dead.

Executive producer Kathleen Mc Ghee-Anderson spoke to our Jim Halterman about how there can't be enough family dramas on the air, how she is keeping things real with stories about Iraq and race as well as fan reaction to the interracial romance between two of the teenage characters.

They move into an abandoned and condemned crack house that Eddie’s just raided — with the hopes of cleaning it up.