Refreshments were served at the conclusion of the program.

Arrangements for the meeting were handled by Prem Chauhan. Barbara Burke, Mary Alice Burchell and Jane Greve greeted the guests, while Mary Alice Burchell, Barbara Burke and Judy Mauro provided hospitality.

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On Tuesday, November 22nd, Monica Randall, Long Island historian and bestselling author, brought to life the “Legendary Women of Long Island” in a fascinating program presented to the Community Club.

In the 1950’s there were hundreds of abandoned mansions on Long Island’s fabled Gold Coast which had been owned by the “beautiful people” of a bygone era dating from the 1920’s to WWII.

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They were the nouveau riche who made fortunes in oil, railroads and other booming industries, and they spent their wealth extravagantly and conspicuously. There were parties for 3,000 people hosting the Prince of Wales where Chanel No. A dress for such a gathering could cost thousands of dollars. Their mansions were elaborate “castles” mimicking royal dwellings in Europe with priceless furnishings, art and fixtures.

A lucky Shi Tzu pet sported a collar worth thousands at a party costing hundreds of thousands. Clarence Mackay, Barbara Hutton and the Countess of Bismarck were scions of society, and other women sought to copy their style. Scott Fitzgerald and his wife, Zelda, attended many of these affairs, and he based “The Great Gatsby” on this elite echelon of society.

In addition to her popular speaking engagements, Ms.

Randall has published the following books: Mansions of Long Island’s Gold Coast; Winfield: Living in the Shadow of the Woolworth’s; Phantoms of the Hudson Valley.

177; Russia, 191040, Saint-Petersburg, Kolomenskaya str., 10, apt.