Laureated by Carlo and Karin Giersch through the Stiftung Giersch as: FIAS (Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies) Senior Fellow Laureatus, Frankfurt, September 28, 2016.. When I was a student, I was often inspired by marvellous scientific discoveries, and then I asked the question whether I were in any position to reproduce such discoveries.

In particular, it deliberately wrecks the spelling of the family name ’t Hooft, where it replaces the apostrophe by a ‘beginning quotation’ mark. It all depends on how much support these plans will receive world-wide! I am prepared to challenge these and any other serious investigators with a bet.

"To me, nature is a big jigsaw puzzle, and I see it as my task to try to fit pieces of it together."--Web home page of Professor Gerardus 'T Hooft, University of Utrecht, Netherlands by Mike Perriconen the early 1970s, Chris Quigg was a young physicist at the State University of New York at Stony Brook, on Long Island.

't Hooft was already immersed in the work that was to win the 1999 Nobel Prize in Physics for himself and for his teacher, Martinus Veltman, cited by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences "for elucidating the quantum structure of electroweak interactions in physics." The Academy credited 't Hooft, 53, and Veltman, 68, for placing particle physics theory on a firmer mathematical foundation, for giving researchers a well-functioning "theoretical machinery" which, among other applications, can be used for predicting the properties of new particles.

Those new particles may include the Higgs boson, predicted as the source of mass: the next big prize in particle physics, perhaps the key to a future Nobel Prize.

- Een skeptische verhandeling over sommige amateurs in de natuurwetenschappen (in Dutch) - Long review paper on the "Cellular Automaton Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics, A View on the Quantum Nature of our Universe, Compulsory or Impossible? Schik, MD, formerly anesthesiologist, Arbo-arts (medical doctor for company personnel). At every scale in powers of ten, our world looks different and very special. In fact, the variations in the time scales are even bigger.

", where all arguments concerning entanglement, superdeterminism and conspiracy are displayed at length, besides numerous models. Page " How to become a GOOD theoretical physicist Family: G. The time scale for super strings is 10 seconds, and large black holes can last much longer than that. Book presented at the Lorentz Institute, Leiden June 21, 2013.

- Birth Grandson Benjamin Leendert van Deutekom, 3855g, 51 cm. - Artificial Anthropomorphic Intelligence, an Essay - Nederland in Idee├źn - Lucas Ellerbroek, "Planetenjagers" (Prometheus / Bert Bakker) is aan te raden. Labyrinth Risk Consulting, Now living in Zeist (NL), and Ellen M. Veterinary Surgeon at Hopmans Diergeneeskundig Centrum, Roden, Drenthe (NL) The idea is simple: Physicists and astrophysicists have produced various popularized descriptions of the enormously varying length scales in the Universe, in books and films.

- Opvattingen over: godsdienstextremisme als besmettelijke ziekte. The Universe is some 50 billion light years across, that's nearly 10 cm.

See " Meccano Mathematics I", a little treatise on some nice features of meccano strips.