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In the mid 1900’s our parents generally met each other at school.

This type of support will also help regulate your own physical and mental health, which is at greater risk of dysfunction because of the stress you are under.

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Just being able to “vent” with other people who can relate to your situation will provide a great deal of relief for you.

Look for a counselor who is familiar with addiction and/or consider attending al-anon meetings.

She lives in a rent free apartment with her drugie boyfriend, gets food stamps and doesnt keep a job for more than 2 months at a time if she works at all. Why doesnt she have to be drug tested to receive these programs?? However, it sounds like you have done all you can in not supporting her financially and refusing to enable her in any way.

I have to, to keep my job, no wonder she doesnt change. I know you have been through a lot already, but I have two suggestions that might help relieve some of the stress you are currently experiencing.

First, I highly recommend that your entire family and circle of friends get some support.

Addiction has a traumatic effect on everyone in the family, even those family members who are not living in the same house with the person struggling with the addiction.

We have a 30-year-old daughter addicted to drugs and alcohol.

She recently lost custody and is supposed to have supervised visits with her son, who is 7.

Or perhaps you can search for a therapist on this very website.