OR connect your interest in SPORTS with the fitness you enjoy.

dating or doesn't have much to say about himself/herself.

To safeguard our clients' privacy and to discourage copy-cats (yes, the problem is serious and rampant) we have decided to showcase only few small text snippets with which we creatively answered some of our client's cliche sentences in their previous profiles.

We can provide more samples on request and, believe us, pleasure would be entirely ours.

It also reflects a gross disinterest and brazen doubts the person have about the dating community as a whole including its efficacy in landing a mate (or date) of his/her dream.

One must fortify his "About Partner" section with more vigorous sentenceswithout going over board or sounding a hell lot demanding.

Is there really any other greater thrill than skydiving?

Indeed, theres something that you gain in the sky that the plains dont offer you.

Most of them have some big black holes here and there sucking every shred of positivity and luck in.

A great number of profiles starts out with a brain-revolting cliche and ends up leaving a-lot-more-to-be-desired feeling.

A good profile always tacitly conveys the message without sounding biased.