Your last SLLOTD struck my fancy and I responded to the couple looking for a unicorn in NYC. I didn't choose to be labeled a unicorn; flattered, yes, but it's not the only thing I'm interested in. In fact, I had a conversation recently with a friend in which we observed that the term "unicorn" doesn't even accurately apply to bi women anymore—single, hot, up-for-threesomes bi women—because they seem so common these days.

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I'm a public school teacher, you see, and while the black-circle-treatment would normally be fine even with that in mind, I'm worried offering the picture with my identity hidden will then expose me to accusations of hypocrisy.

I'm not afraid of my identity being out there and my views on sexuality being out in the open (as they are on OKCupid), and I already have partial-nude self-portraits of myself on my photography portfolio website, but unfortunately combining the two in the same place could actually put my job in danger.

I wrote to Penny&Marco and am in contact with them and I've been offering them some advice based on my experiences as a "unicorn" (by the more accepted female definition) in NYC and thought maybe you'd be interested in hearing my advice and sharing it with your readers.

I've been reading your column for the last 14 years and am so indescribably grateful for your advice that I have to offer at any opportunity I might have to help by sharing my experiences. The problem is that you have to stay on the site for a few months in order for it to adapt to your needs (e.g.

The whole thing is about having fun and sharing your awesomeness with the world!

I don't want to undermine my credibility here, but I'm reluctant to share the photo.

I don't want to sit and have drinks and feel pressured to charm two people in what amounts to an interview for a job I don't even know if I want.

So let's just pretend we're all hanging out as friends.

The pic I've enclosed, btw, is hopefully just to prove my assertion that I fit the term "unicorn," at least for the hot part, if you're going to accept my advice as any sort of guest "expert." Here goes: 1. if you're rated in the top 50% of attractiveness, you are only shown to others in the top 50%; elitist sure, but just an example of how it helps narrow it down).