License: Commercial (9) Live Demo: Server requirements: PHP 5.2, My SQL 3.23, Ioncube loader 4.2, PHP extensions (CURL, FFmpeg, php-dom, GD library, mod-rewrite), Linux and Windows OS.

When you fill out the form online, you don't get any response the first 24 hours.

And when you finally get a response, you are sent a pre-formatted email telling you they are awaiting the response of the agent at the recipient side.

Today, the market is dominated by a handful of players, but there are always new entrants on the horizon looking to add something to the game.

Here we have listed 10 online payment services for you to vote on and add to in an effort to determine which service is the very best for transferring money between two people.

His other interests are Linux, Machine learning, Wordpress, etc.

These are the best services for transferring money between two people.

Their polices are not understanding and there are too many charge backs.

My idea is to have a system where I could transfer money from my checking account to a Pay Pal account thus giving my Scotia Bank authority to pay any charges from any of your outlets. Moneybookers It is really a tremendous and safe website.

They host 100 million active accounts in 25 currencies and were one of the main reasons why auction sites like e Bay have had such great success.

Pay pal Is a bad site for as be a customer and a seller.

I have been long searching for a good quality premium dating software written in php.