He could be right since the divorce rate in Italy is only 11%, compared to the United States 53%, and the number one cited reason for divorce is actually issues with, “the mother in law.” Does that mean that cheating is considered okay in Italy? Cheating is not really okay in most countries but it seems to be tolerated more in Italy than it is in the United States.

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A few weeks ago I was having a drink with a friend of mine; we were talking about relationships when he said, “I am actually surprised that you married an Italian man.

You don’t seem like the type of woman who would go for one.” I asked him to explain further, he sighed and said, “Well, they are famous for being very high maintenance and for being unfaithful.” I wasn’t offended because it’s kind of true, they are high maintenance compared to an American guy, and it wasn’t the first time someone had brought up the “cheater” stereotype.

It’s possible that Italian culture is more lenient because looking good, or maintaining “bella figura” is more important than being honest.

So how does one marry an Italian man knowing that he is statistically inclined to stray?

When I asked Italians who voted for him what they think about his sexual sneakiness they said things like, “well good for him.” Politics are often a reflection of culture.

When President Clinton had an affair with Monica Lewinsky he was nearly kicked out of office for lying about his weird and creepy cigar incident.

The dating scene can be difficult enough under normal circumstances, but things are very tough for straight men in Seattle these days — and Amazon’s growth is contributing to the problem.

That’s the contention of Jeff Reifman, a veteran of the Seattle-area tech community who makes his case in this blog post, pairing census data with estimates of Amazon’s growth in the city.

Amazon’s workforce is 75 percent male, according to

That’s consistent with the gender ratio at Microsoft and other tech companies, as well.

While, in the US only 33% of relationships will continue after the discovery of infidelity. Women entering the workforce has increased the infidelity rate for women in Italy which is quickly catching up with the men.