There, in the South West, Vietnamese people are now a part of the local culture (don’t get me wrong, they’re still a very small minority) and don’t really face any prejudice.

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Also, in Paris, there’s a significant Japanese population (there are about 20,000 Japanese people in France, most of them in Paris and Paris area), but the biggest difference from the other Asian communities is that very very few are actually immigrants, most of them are just expats that live in France for just a couple of years, and one cannot really talk about a community at all.

All in all, there are about 1 million Asian people in France, most of them in Paris area, most of them Chinese (I think France has the largest Chinese population in Europe), so it’s not uncommon at all to run into Asian people in Paris. The relationship between France and Africa (and the Caribbean) over the Centuries (colonization, slavery, etc.) has shaped the relationship between the people of those areas in different ways than with Asia.

First, I wanted to commend you on your wonderful blog!

I love returning to the site to see what new information you have to offer us.

I’m gonna try to cover all the different aspects of the topic, and if I miss some and somebody wants to jump in, feel free.

Let’s start with the fact that most French people are pretty ignorant about Asia and Asian cultures.

It’s incredibly enlightening, even for a “halfie” (I’m half French, half Vietnamese) as myself!

=P Second, I have a question for you, though I know this might be hard to answer without some generalities.

From what I understand, back when Vietnam was a French colony, there also were a lot of Chinese Vietnamese there and I believe that they are the ones who settled there first after the Indochina war.

The newer one, that has been “Chinatown” only since the 90’s I feel, is Belleville, which is actually a very diverse neighborhood as there are also a lot of African people there, but the Chinese are more and more prominent in the area.

Most of them can’t distinguish different Asian people, or worse, different Asian countries and cultures.