But don't despair, even if you have a history of relationships that don't last or if you feel burned out by traditional and online dating, you can still learn how to find lasting love.

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Throughout the rest of this article, we’ll look at four principles that will help you choose the right person, be the right person, and develop healthy relationships.

A relationship is first and foremost about emotional connection.

The truth is that poor relational choices are self-inflicted, but can be changed with a little work.

Most people find themselves in one rotten relationship after another, and don’t stop to analyze why they make these choices.

Their relationships leave them lacking in some way, leaving them to wonder why they end up in the situations they do.

They wonder what they are doing wrong, why they “deserve” to be treated in such a way, and if it can ever be any different.

A healthy person will respect your wishes to be in control of yourself and what you want to do, or not do.

Do they become unreasonable when you refuse to do something?

Our attachments to others are called “bonds,” and they are created and maintained by someone’s ability to share and connect from the heart, with all of its emotional vulnerabilities and tender feelings.

Many people can relate on a superficial and social level.

But in a long-term relationship of any kind, it becomes increasingly important for you to be able to share your heart with someone, and have your heart be safe.