But if you're worried about confusion arising when the bill comes, he said you should address the issue head-on when you accept the invitation.

"Set that expectation that you're going to share costs," he said.

Many of those rules are what etiquette experts call "gendered courtesies," or behavior guidelines that depend on your gender more than anything else. In general, Pachter said, "we want to use people's names if we have them." Some Googling can probably help with that.

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"Just because we change things doesn't mean that we become rude," Pachter said.

You should "help anybody who needs help, which is a much nicer environment." That said, if you're a woman and a man does move to open the door for you, Patcher said let them.

Now, he said, "we have an allowance for the understanding that anyone could invite anyone.

So because the role of host has expanded to not necessarily be a gendered role, then that role of paying has also changed." Senning added that many people prefer to split the cost of a first date so that no one feels indebted to the other person.

But when you're meeting someone for the first time — especially in a business context — it's best to adhere to new etiquette guidelines so as not to offend anyone.

Spring is upon us, Easter is coming soon, and baseball season is about to begin here in the U. It is the time of year many people wear all sorts of hats, until winter hats are again needed. These findings make total sense to me.] During a Pledge or National Anthem: Another major peeve of mine is how men and women don’t take off their hats and caps during the playing of a national anthem. During a Prayer at a Ceremony or Event: Display your respect and take off your hat.For the most part, according to Daniel Post Senning, an etiquette expert who wrote "Manners in a Digital World" and works at the Emily Post Institute, people are pretty good at figuring out when an etiquette guideline is outdated.But observing proper etiquette still makes some people nervous — and there are a few guidelines that are trickier than others.even a baseball cap if you absolutely must) in public buildings, such as airports, public lobbies, and crowded public elevators. At a Jewish Synagogue or Temple: Men are required to cover their heads with a “yarmulke,” a small round skullcap, also called a “kippah,” meaning .However, historically a gentleman will always remove his hat when a lady enters or is in the same elevator. When in an apartment building, even though somewhat public, gentlemen will take off their hats while in the company of ladies… [SIDE BAR: A foreign visitor kept seeing Americans wearing their baseball caps indoors, and at times backwards. There is great symbolism and deep meaning behind wearing a yarmulke.The thought of all the guys at a dinner table scrambling to stand just because I'm getting up to go to the ladies' room strikes me as … But at one point in recent history, it would have been a serious faux pas if those guys stand up when a woman left the table.