Some people tell it to shut the hell up, hold my beer, and watch this!

A true comedienne, her book is one tale after another of bad decisions that make great stories.

These advices were true experiences and I apply them in my dating.

Dating audiobook video

In this audio book you will learn about:1 - Establishing Online Dating Relationships: Safety First2 - Growing Online Dating Relationships3 - More Popular Online Dating Activities4 - Popular Online Dating Activities5 - Popular Online Dating Activities For Men6 - A Man's Secrets to Successful Online Dating7 - Ask the Right Questions First8 - Honesty Really is the Best Policy9 - Nice Guys Do It, Too!

Online dating is absolutely great and it is very easy finding the one who matches you based on their interest for example.

Aisha Tyler is many things that I am not: tall, childless, funny, confident, fearless.

But she and I also share some qualities, if you can call them that.

I think three stars is a pretty generous rating, motivated in part by my desire to like and support Aisha Tyler in general as a smart lady nerd I can look up to.

And, like, not contributed to a patriarchal view on females by saying that an army of super-powered and highly trained girls could be destroyed by "a small group of cute, brooding, emotionally remote teenage boys." And maybe shared more about herself, which I know sounds bizarre given the nature of this book as a collection of embarrassing experiences from her life--but after reading it, I still don't feel like I know who she is, just a bunch of stories that happened to her.

With this book, the women will not worry about dating, make their love much deeper and want their men.

I really loved this book because it was very informative because tips in this book were updated and suitable for all women.

I don't even really have a sense of how she felt about most of them.