:) There seems to be many more in the West than in the east now. Garba is usually held on University campuses so you may want to look into that.

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And yes I already have a personal on (armyfrenchy), (GI_greg), and (frencharmyguy). So far that hasn't worked so far either ha ha :) Bonjour Dear Frenchman, First before I say anything, I wanted say THANK YOU for serving in the army and putting your life on the line so the rest of us can live in peace. There are many Indian women in California, specifically in the Bay Area (Northern California) and Los Angeles County (Southern California). A lot of Indian women are attracted to white men, especially Indians who live in Western countries and are Westernized culturally. They are more open to dating outside of their race.

:) There seems to be many more in the West than in the east now. I have plenty ore but can't contact you so email me at [email protected] I do it because apparently, girls dig men in uniform. There are beautiful people in every race but in my books, white men are second to none. Beautiful, sharp features, good height, strong, masculine body, and amazing complexion. You should try to find Indian girls on more mainstream sites such as France is the physical manifestation of elegance and cultural richness. Yet I have a personal ad on shaadi.com, bharatmatrimony.com, indiamatch.com, desikiss.com, desiclub.com, and not even one answer from any of them. And if so what is the best way for me to find one to marry?

Maybe even consider them when you are ready to take the plunge.

If you are already married, maybe you can tell your friends about them.

As an Indian woman living a predominantly white country, I am appreciated and approached by many white men and to be blunt, I love it. Usually the girls online are very conservative and shy. Women love men who can speak French as there are few things more pleasing to the ears than the French language. army, a great-looking guy, and I love Indian women.

I know one of the reasons is because there are a bunch of... I know one of the reasons is because there are a bunch of stereotypes that people lock on to us, like the following which I want to disprove: indian girls smell of spicy food and onions- wow this just comes from people who think indian girls cook all the time and only one type of food.- mohini [View Message] hello shilpa, if you really want to adopt baby you can contact any orphanage center , and your problem will be solve soon, and will help definitely, also you can keep this information secret from every one....- jigar [View Message] hello surabhi first of all i want to appreciate you and your husband, you both was taken a very good decision to give smile on some one face, and that blessing will definitely get you, stay happy....- revti [View Message] hello shilpa, its good thing that you both are agree to adopt baby, and you are taking very good decision appreciate you both for this decision, you will get proper information from adoption center....- rugved [View Message] hello shilpa, you can contact and visit any adoption center near to your district, so definitely helpful for you, also you can take help of google from there you will get list of adoption centers....- kajal [View Message] hello surabhi why there is need to adopt a baby girl, because as per your mentioned you already have your biological son, then why you adopt second baby , if you want baby girl you can try once again....