They may forever interpret the world as a hostile place with no internalized sense of control.Hence parents are well advised to strongly consider the disposition of their child and the necessity of the move.

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Confounding matters is the circumstances of the move when following a parental separation: The move may be occasioned as the result of domestic violence to escape harm; the move may be motivated by a malicious desire to undermine or end the child’s relationship with the other parent; the move may be necessitated by economic reasons or other instrumental reasons such as housing, or social support; the move can be occasioned by any number of these and yet other factors.

As such, the child may be exposed to numerous other forces, impacting on their care and psycho-emotional well-being.

For the child, a move far away is akin to a social amputation.

This necessitates all kinds of emotional, psychological, social, academic, recreational and practical adjustments to be made over the course of time in order to recover.

It is reasonable to expect the child in this situation to be anxious and/or depressed.

Depending on the age of the child, these kinds of emotional reactions can present themselves as feeding and toileting difficulties, sleeping problems, withdrawn or alternately, defiant behavior.

Whether or not the parent anticipates the move far in advance and even if the move is a very good idea, this doesn’t mean that child will take to it well.

From the child’s perspective, it can spell a very disruptive event with lifelong consequences.

That home is all they have known since birth and when it is suddenly torn apart by divorce, that can turn into the biggest trauma of that child's life.

So it is a good idea for both parents to think through how they will help the kids come out of the divorce process with a little negative impact as possible.

Typically these children are coming to terms with the parental separation and changes in parental availability, usually determined by the parenting plan.