This is a terrible mind state in which to operate from.

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This is why you're freaking out about her text.

It's easier to get upset than to open up and share your vulnerability.

But if you want to save this friendship, you've got to step up and come clean about what's bothering you about yourself, not just what's bothering you about "but!

") I need you to know that I feel really jealous of how you found a great guy right after breaking up with someone. But I think that might be affecting the way I talk with you about your relationships.

Being jealous of a friend doesn't mean you hate her or wish her ill.

Do you hope this guy will send her a sociopathic breakup text? Your jealousy is about wanting something for yourself, not hating her.I'm really sorry if I've come off that way—and I get why you sent the text you did—but can you talk with me about how you're feeling next time instead of telling someone else?For starters, I must make this declaration crystal clear as possible: I do NOT advocate nor entertain such positions as, “How to get my ex back”.Basically, part of me wants to end the friendship in order to relay to her that she can't treat me this way, but another part wants me to just get over it, as some people seem able to do (lucky them! Jealousy is not just wanting what you don't have. Our friends are barometers of our own lives: We look to our BFFs to better understand how we're doing ourselves.Our friends help us make sense of what we have, what we aspire to, and what we truly long for.envious that she found a new love right after a big breakup, when I'm still having a hard time meeting guys at all.