Most of the dearest women in my life did not really wear perfumes so I was never able to form associations between a scent and a certain type of person.

the drydown is soft powdery and balsamic on my skin, quite pleasant. but id love a bit more spice and strength in that stage. I kept trying all of Jo Malone's Intense range in the black bottles.

I finally realized I prefer Youth Dew to any of the Jo Malone Intense range, and that Youth Dew actually layers great with every regular Jo Malone I own: Nectarine Blossom & Honey, English Pear & Freesia, Wild Bluebell, Orange Blossom, Cardamom & Mimosa and Pomegranate Noir. I had completely forgotten and so thought I didn't have a childhood connection with Youth Dew, but my mom owned a bottle when I was eleven.

But come Friday night and if going out in the evening at the weekend then I love using this perfume. I have had virtually exactly the same experience with Youth-Dew! So strong and enveloping, and caressing, and delicious. Labeled as one of the sexiest scents of all time,this deep chocolate brown juice brings about a world of mystery and sensuality. To me, this scent will always remind me of one person and one person only: Mom.

It should be used very sparingly thus a bottle of this perfume lasts so long in my stash of perfumes. I can use Caresse de Roses much more generously than Youth Dew. It is my number one signature scent, now that I have truly found the incredible beauty of it, and my all-time favourite perfume. It is beyond beautiful, and I can't get enough of it. On my skin it's warm and fuzzy almost like root beer with rich woods and aromatic spices. Friendly, down to earth, radiating a certain dark interior but otherwise approachable and nice.

I get a very strong cinnamon scent on my skin, a lot of clove. This smells like the Winter Holidays, it is very spiced, dark and warm. The later who wore it on Letterman and drove him crazy) . I learned the hard way when I splashed the bath oil onto me, and my fiance said I had too much perfume on. This is up in my strongest scents I have, along with Alien Essence Absolue and Dior Addict 2002. It's not for everyone def not for the faint of heart. I wear lots of it; I douse myself in it; it is deliriously strong, but never too strong for me!!!!! This smells like patchouli and kind of smoky to me.

A real potion from the days of true perfumery, the difference between a lady and a girl. But when I dabbed the oil behind my ears and on my nape, it was waaaaay better. I tried this on my hand and I wanted it off right then and there. I don't wear it, but a lady on the school run does and she's lovely.

What's great about Youth Dew is that compared to scents of today, it's all base notes. I can remember spraying it on my wrist once, looking at the gold bow on the front of the bottle. I don't ever remember smelling it on my mom, I think it was a one time purchase for her, which is a positive since now it's just mine. Too much leather spice smoke patchouli in this warm climate. Will work on extremely cold weather IMHO but way too mature for me.

So you get this great long lasting dry down, and it layers well with scents that give it more of a top note. I agree with a previous reviewer the edp dry down has a distinct sharp chypre Aromatic Elixir note. This is something a female head of a syndicate would wear.

People constantly compliment me in this scent and are usually shocked to find out it's my youth dew. I even shockingly compared you to fecund odors best left unmentioned. I thought she was wearing Opium when she said it was Youth-Dew. morna666 I sent an email to Estée Lauder yesterday, asking them if what you say is true, about them testing on animals. I can douse myself, and never feel overwhelmed by it, and he loves it, the more I spray on too. I feel completely privileged to have this divine gift from the gods!!!!!

I recommend youth dew to anyone man or woman that it looking for a classic hearty oriential, not shy and looking to stand out. Something happened to change all of that..own maturity coupled with a reformulation perhaps. Forget filling a room, this scent filled the entire supermarket. I've tested this time and time again, it smells like you would imagine it to. Only a trained nose and perfume lover could like this on me or anyone. After I told her she smelt incredible she was overwhelmed "I've been wearing this since the 70's! They replied very promptly this morning (Monday in Australia), that no, they definitely do not test on animals, nor do they get anyone else to do it on their behalf, unless required by law. I love it more than any other perfume I have ever ever smelled, on myself or anyone else, ever! Thank you so much for giving me such a beautiful experience.

I don't know if Youth Dew is old enough that it doesn't come off as overly dated (think 1980s), because my husband loves it and he hates most strong perfume. I would recommend the Bath Oil which is a much softer spicy oriental. You can purchase this fragrance from Estee Lauder Palais Royal starting in October and get a free gift. Yes, it is a BOLD statement piece and that's what it's all about for all those reviewers who just don't get it!