Reminder: Don’t try to ask her out before she is sexually attracted to you.You’ve got to make sure that she feels sexually attracted to you first, otherwise she will most-likely reject your advances because she will only see you as a friend. Masculinity True masculinity is a quality that makes women effectively feel “weak at the knees” and marks you out out as a strong, alpha male who has what it takes to provide for a woman, protect her and make her feel like a real woman.

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If a woman feels like you are putting on an act, she will put her guard up and play hard to get or will reject you when you try to ask her out in indirect ways (e.g.

in a moment where you and her are laughing and having a good time together.

Sometimes, a nervous guy will put on an act of being confident in the hope that it will trick women into liking.

However, women are looking for genuine confidence and they can spot it a mile away.

He is relaxed and comfortable just being himself and doesn’t have to try hard to be liked, or pretend to be someone he’s not in an effort to impress anyone because he knows that he is already good enough.

Being shy and nervous around women does not make you the confident guy that they’re looking for as a potential lover or boyfriend, but they might take you “under their wing” as a friend.She may have started out just like one of the boys.But one day, a switch flipped in you and you realized she'd make a great girlfriend.Maybe you've let it grow without saying anything, and now you've built her up in your mind as the only girl for you.Those who have been through it know that crushing on a friend is emotionally excruciating.When she is attracted to you, she is almost certainly going to be excited to say, As you will discover from the video above, the majority of women are much more flexible about what they find attractive in a man than most guys realize.