She got divorced, Twitter went mental, it was all a bit messy and now let’s never speak of it again. Delasagne is a classic case of Harry having a female friend and SUDDENLY ‘inside sources’ claim that they’re snogging in secret.

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She’s since admitted that they’re still good pals, but after she was bombarded with hate and cougar-references, they decided to just stay mates. Not really sure what happened there but someone clearly learned their lesson because since then we’ve only had Range Rover photos.

Way back in the day, Harry denied that anything had ever happened with Emily, but not so long ago she broke her silence on the whole thing and claimed that although they were never official, they did have ‘a bit of fun’. This one was a right scandal, after it was reported that married Australian DJ Lucy Horobin had ended up in bed with Harry.

If you believe everything you read in the media, Harry Styles has been a VERY busy boy over the past four years.

While anyone with a brain knows him as the boy who apologises to puppies, has dreams about trains and enjoys the occasional banana onstage, the papers like to make him out to be the world’s biggest womaniser.

To be clear, this approach wasn’t merely enabling by Scott who, like Bryant, won multiple titles with the Lakers.

Scott wasn’t just looking the other way every so often if Bryant failed to hustle back on defense.Presented with Russell’s immaturity issues early on, Scott adopted an unbending, tough–talk approach that ultimately backfired.Instead of inspiring Russell to toe the line, Scott’s regular criticism, coupled with his Bryant–first strategies, practically begged the 20–year–old rookie to go his own way.This week has brought a brand new gal into the 1D WAG equation in the form of model Paige Reifler, and to prevent us from having an emotional meltdown we decided to put this information into perspective and look back at ALL the girls that Harry has ever been linked to.As a wee cherub, Harry had a thing with Xtra Factor host Caroline Flack. She was the girl in those pics of Harry snogging a mysterious blonde girl, but she didn’t last long.On opening night, Bryant took 24 shots in 28 minutes while 2015 lottery pick D’Angelo Russell mostly stood in the corner and watched.