The general run of Anglian place-names will not do - it has to be items which speakers of Cumbric or Gaelic, especially the latter, may have found hard to pronounce and therefore altered slightly, to fit their habits of speech.

I don't think there's anything published of this sort of technical character, so I have to search for possible examples myself.

The photo of the Advertiser building in those days brought back a few memories.

I was interested to see the photograph of T M Gemmell, the man who destroyed what surely today would have been one of Scotlands national treasures.

For the past year or so I have been researching the possibility of building a replica of John Wilsons printing press.

If your interests lie in family history, you may find Ayrshire Family History Societies and related sites useful. I can't find it on online OS maps, old or modern, Nor can I see it on the old maps on the National Library of Scotland website, which I can only search visually.

I had previously looked through the volumes of early Scottish public records for Ayrshire items starting with Sk-, without coming across it.

Ayrshire is the best bet of the remaining possibilities. It isn't too far from Newmilns and within the same Parish.

Most of the items turn out to be no good, but it's worth a throw! From David Mc Clure: There is no such or similar name in the 'Gazetteer of Ayrshire 1750-1800' in ed. The band in Buttermarket Close, Ayr (John Faulds Davidson snr 23/05/1906 - 04/01/1947) From Frances Carson, : Can anyone help with an impossible task of turning up with a photograph of my very elusive grandfather.

The management seemed to turn a blind eye to the fact that we all managed to smuggle a dozen or so cards up oor jooks to sell on our own behalf.

As usually happens, some people went over the score, and that put an end to the free trips to the races.

John Wilson's printing press and the Ayr Advertiser From Robert Kirkwood, 1 March 2006: I enjoyed reading the article by Rob Close regarding the Ayr Advertiser.

I retired a few years ago after spending my working life in the printing trade.

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