Fox News didn’t send any anchors, but executives Bill Shine, Jack Abernethy, Jay Wallace and Suzanne Scott were in attendance.

Similar to other areas near rivers and the bay, this area was inhabited for thousands of years by indigenous peoples.

At the time of European contact, Lenni-Lenape Native Americans lived in the area, following a seasonal pattern of cultivation and hunting and fishing.

These range from the early Federal architecture to the 1920s, including many structures eligible for individual listing and some documented by the Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS) during the 1930s.

The district was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1982 and is the largest such district of any municipality in New Jersey.

Trump’s team and the attendees made “real progress” when it comes to transparency, according to CNN, which cited a source in the room. Conway told reporters that Trump is scheduled to meet with The New York Times on Tuesday.

For her part, Conway said, “It was an off-the-record meeting. C-SPAN’s Howard Mortman tweeted out various pictures of people arriving to, and exiting, the meeting: C-SPAN #elevatorcam just now Trump Tower lobby: CBS & Charlie Rose…Although it is visually dominated by large Victorian homes and a downtown area constructed from the 1880s to the 1920s, the district, besides many neighborhoods of gingerbreaded "doubles" that were essentially working-class housing, includes several notable structures dating from the 18th century and early Federal period.One of these is Potter's Tavern, said to have been built in the 1750s, but restored to its appearance in 1776 when it was home to The Plain Dealer, considered New Jersey's first newspaper. 1855), administrative home of the Cumberland Nail & Iron Works that established Bridgeton's industrial prowess in the early nineteenth century.In a Monday meeting at New York’s Trump Tower that Donald Trump spokeswoman called “unprecedented,” the president-elect tore into top broadcast and cable news executives and on-air talent as representatives of the “dishonest” media, the New York Post reported.Trump specifically named CNN president Jeff Zucker in the off-the-record meeting, according to the Post, which described the atmosphere as like a “firing squad” by the real estate mogul turned reality TV host turned @brianstelter @Hadas_Gold @Chris Ariens @Erik Wemple @politico_media S8Hr YY — Howard Mortman (@Howard Mortman) November 21, 2016 #Elevator Cam: Phil Griffin, Wolf Blitzer, Lester Holt leave …