Brown's live shows are rarely seen on television, as many of his jokes are deemed sexist, racist, or otherwise prejudiced and he relies on strong language, especially the words "fuck" and "cunt". Chubby Brown (known simply as Chubby) appeared in the second series of The League of Gentlemen as the town's mayor.The town where the characters were all based was named after him too: Royston Vasey.This was from the series 1 episode 1 despite Chubby only appearing in the second series.

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Brown's image is characterised by a clown-like stage costume consisting of a flying helmet and goggles, a multicoloured patchwork jacket and trousers, a white shirt, a red bow tie and moccasin slippers.

A typical stand-up show starts with Brown dancing to the audience chanting, "You fat bastard!

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