Upon completion of the transaction, Ingram Micro will become a part of HNA Group, a Hainan-based Fortune Global 500 company, which wants to use Ingram to boost its logistics business reach, as well as expand in the technology distribution business.

Ikea has banned an elderly matchmaking group from one of its restaurants in China unless it agrees to start paying up.

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Ten Chinese citizens have been charged with drug smuggling after almost 200 bricks of cocaine with a street value exceeding $60 million was found on a ship.

Despite a 700-seat capacity the venue was often overcapacity, but since the change crowds have shrunk by as much as half.

The “no food, no seat” rule came into force following complaints that paying customers were unable to sit at a table themselves.Following clearance last week from the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) to proceed with the transaction, the extension was made pursuant to an amendment to the merger agreement among Ingram Micro, acquisition vehicle Tianjin Tianhai and GCL Acquisition.This will allow for the satisfaction of the remaining closing conditions under the merger agreement, including receipt of approval from China’s State Administration of Foreign Exchange (SAFE).A noticeboard put up at the café entrance states the “illegal blind-dating group” is affecting the restaurant with their “uncivilised behaviour,” reports #Ikea in Xuhui district has come up against a surprising foe in its attempt to make clients buy and consume food in its dining room.pic.twitter.com/jar Rjct XAz — Shanghai Eye (@Shanghai Eye) October 13, 2016 "We've been to Mc Donald's and KFC. We feel like aliens there - surrounded by youngsters...Britain is still handing tens of millions of pounds in aid to China despite a promise to stop sending cash to the world’s second largest economy five years ago with a sum big enough to fund 1,200 nursing home places.