Whilst 'active' isn't defined, most of the profiles we checked had been accessed by members within the last month.There were 667 members online at the time of the review, which was late in the evening local time (Philippines).On some profiles you'll see extra-large photos (exceeding 200mb).

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Profiles are very detailed and suffer the same problem as in other parts of the site of feeling a little too cluttered.

Thumbnail photo quality is a little poor, but clicking on a photo increases the size and quality dramatically.

From a member's profile page it's possible to interact in a number of ways.

For example, a 'smile' can be sent to express interest and break the ice. To chat online in real time there are a couple of options available; the public chat room exposes you to hundreds of other members in one place.

These include active members (active within last month), newest members (joined within the last 48 hours), members online now, members who've viewed you, your matches, members who've invited you to chat and those you've invited to chat.

You can also save and retrieve your searches at the click of a tab.For those who want something a little more specific, the advanced search tool extends the range of criteria and allows you to return only profiles with photos, specify the last login date (to screen out inactive profiles) or list only the newest members.For even faster results, a range of one-click tab searches are also at your disposal.A number of search tools are at your disposal to help your browsing (see above).The basic search is useful when wanting to search quickly and specifying only basic criteria.If you agree that is a great site and decide to upgrade, you can receive substantial discounts by signing up for the longer term; for example, if you sign up for 12 months expect a 67% discount based upon the regular monthly fee.