Click Here for more info about how the donations are processed to help Archer. Archer has not been to the ocean at all yet except for the overnight we attempted on Memorial Day and the rolling to the boardwalk with all the adorable children lining up to greet him on his first visit back. He really never got much closer to the water and told me he wasn’t ready yet. Anyway, a week ago when I was back, I biked to the beach and was struck first by not only the new shoreline from Mother Nature’s winter, but also the signs that were posted, signs that have never before appeared on the beach.

If you want to make a donation by check, please make payable to Archer Senft Special Needs Trust and send to Archer at 102 Longwood Road, Baltimore MD 21210. This page is dedicated to the progress and recovery of our 17-year-old son, Archer Senft. It really does take a long time to process grief, even when I hold hope in my heart. Signs that warn of back and neck injuries from diving accidents. As I walked to the gentle surf of the ocean with my beach chair in hand, I decided to get very close to the water, as this year, the beach is reconfigured rather dramatically so that the slope is very long and gentle just like it used to be years ago when the kids were growing up and it was easy to plunk my chair down into the surf, with the small little waves of the ocean rippling around my feet, the way I used to do as a girl all those summers my family spent on the shores of Lake Michigan. How he had the presence of mind is a miracle unto itself. Will he be able to choose freely and wisely to see what is there for him? I was sort of lost in these thoughts apparently for some time. I couldn’t bear to get on the road knowing that that was when the accident occurred and when I received the phone call.

We’ve created this page to keep friends and family updated. From broken, shattered and torn to fused, glued and stitched back together, from the darkness of death to the perfection of life’s breath, and from the emptiness of despair to the fullness of hope. All of those crazy contradictory extremes that somehow have lived side by side for us, acutely, this past year. The dreaded phone call that every parent prays they will never ever ever get. I have to do my inner work, for when I did finally get on the road, the Exit 13 thing happened.

The road ahead is long, but we will be with Arch every moment of the way. I must confess that when I pause long enough to contemplate that, I get weepy, really quickly. It’s mysterious to me actually the ability we are all given to live a dual life if you will, ensconced in the painful reality of the past and sometimes of the present alongside the hope that lives in my heart for the same painful now as well as the future.

Right now, Archer is paralyzed from the top of the chest on down. There are so many good things, at the top of the list of which are people and relationships, you. And I’m fatigued by the vigilance and constant advocacy.

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Please use that button at the top of this page if you want to make an online donation. It has been such a hard year and yes, there is so much to celebrate. For me, though, there is a great deal of processing, and I think for Archer too. For instance I just went to Cape May a few days ago to go take care of the necessary preparation for the delivery of Archer’s hospital bed as I needed to move and figure out where to store the queen size mattress set that was in the room that he will now occupy. I had missed Exit 10 last summer and was just getting off at Exit 13 and trying to figure out how to get back on the newly odd highway or if I my GPS could take me to Baltimore a new way. Anyway, I had plans to drive back earlier in the day but had this strong need to get to the ocean.

We are grateful for the outpouring of support we have received. I was driving back to Baltimore on the Garden State Parkway and flew past my exit 10, missing it, in the exact same way I had last summer with the new construction with only off and on ramps and old landmarks replaced with high block walls and highway where intersections used to be. I had never taken Exit 13, nothing about it was familiar, and yet, it was eerily familiar. I was poking my GPS trying to see what it would tell me and I was frankly lost, as the coordinates seemed to have me going in circles. I know I need to face the ocean again and work through my many mixed emotions about it. Archer was not sure he wanted to roll to the boardwalk to begin with, but he plucked up his courage and went.

The Senfts believe in miracles and the power of your prayers. And, there are so many difficult things like cost and time and physical weakness. I feel a steely resolve to keep on going and to keep on helping Archer get what he needs to recover and thrive. It’s either gloomy sign or a opportunity sign to rebuild and strengthen. Yes, our marriage has been very strained this whole year.