It basically means it is much cooler now than in previous times in Earth’s geologic history.

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The first investigations into the origins of the Ice Age started in 1724 with Pierre Martel.

As Monsieur Martel was on vacation in the Alps he came across villager who claimed the relatively out of place boulders in their region were brought down by ancient glaciers that extended much further than modern ones.

Learning more about the longer ice ages as well the shorter glacial periods is important to finding out more about how Earth’s climate changes over time.

This is especially important as scientists seek to determine how much of modern climate change is manmade.For example, looking at a series of layers in the side of a cliff, the younger layers will be on top of the older layers.Or you can tell that certain parts of the Moon's surface are older than other parts by counting the number of craters per unit area.[/caption] An Ice Age is a period of geologic time in which the Earth’s climate sees a dramatic drop in temperatures.This drop often is followed by larger ice fields in the Polar Regions.You might think that is certainly doesn’t feel like one.