A human artist would not be capable of such consistency More baffling is the man’s image is a photo negative and a “positive image” is only reflected when a photo is taken.

The man’s image also contains “distance information” which means the image can be read like a 3D map when using relief mapping techniques first developed by NASA.

This technology was used to develop the History Channel’s 2010 mega-hit documentary The Real Face of Jesus? The formation of the image How was the image formed on the cloth?

Scientific tests conclude that the substance forming the image was applied with 100 percent consistency.

The depth of the image only penetrates the top two microfibers everywhere on the Shroud without ANY variation.

This is consistent with all the Gospel accounts in the Bible stating that Joseph of Arimathea a “wealthy man,” donated his own tomb and provided the burial shroud that wrapped Jesus.

Additionally, pollen found on the Shroud is consistent with the types of plants and flowers in Jerusalem at the time of Jesus.For those who are truly celebrating Christ’s resurrection today and not absorbed with chocolate-covered marshmallow bunnies, here are some questions, facts and answers that you could roll like eggs at your family’s Easter gathering.First, the BIG question: Does scientific evidence for Christ’s resurrection exist today?Even more remarkable, is that the man’s image can be scraped away with a razor blade because it sits on TOP of the cloth.Researchers have determined that the weave of the flax linen cloth would have commanded a high price.It has only been since 1983 that the Shroud has been “owned” by the Holy See.