But like many things, it really depends on the wearer.One person may look good with 20 piercings on their face while another would look better with two.

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The hood is the only one I still have and of course that's not very visible and it's just a tiny silver barbell so pretty tasteful.

I'm not super attached to it I don't think though..I was with a guy for a quite awhile and he just didn't like it for whatever reason i would consider taking it out. I personally think some piercings are gross- lip, eyebrow, nipples, genital I wouldn't be with a guy that had any of those I find they look dirty and I dont mean the sexual way, I simply mean dirtywhich is all simply personal taste I'm not "for" or "against" - its your body, decorate it however you want (heck - I didn't ask anyone's opinion on my tattoos).

yay for ice cubes, peroxide and stupidity of youth)I've also had my labret done. I like that but the balls kept falling off taking it out.

Nothing worse then your family calling you a little girl cause you have one ear peirced! Chris I think it is each to their own, just like tatoos.

I've also had it long enough now i can take it out for a few days before it grows over. And the reason you can't say their names is because of that horrible lisp. However, the metal stud a tounge peircing wears away at the enamel on the teeth and makes them weaker/les resistant to decay. I find I Like the eyebrow and the belly button peircings and tongue.

I can't say anyone has ever really disliked it though, and some go crazy for it..personal taste. I mean some people may think just because a girl has a genital piercing she is promiscious or "easy". Oh I do dislike the ear guage thingy..so much how it looks now..now it will look in 30 years after u have streched those holes to 5 inch circles..it's gross, and not sexy. Yea, it's real attractive to see a nasty infected eyebrow or belly button piercing. Not something I would endorse for my kids (until they have their own dental plan, anyway). I have them.individual choice and I dont think people should be judged for it (them)... MI used to have my belly button pierced when i was in university..body rejected it so it didn't last too long. I am pass that stage but tats thats a completely different topic..i'll never have enough of those. Up untill last year I had two bars and a ring through my eyebrows, and my tongue pierced. And the reason you can't say their names is because of that horrible lisp. In general they only get infected if you don't take care of them during the healing phase, and you only talk with a lisp for about a week. The only thing about the tongue peircing is that it makes it a little more difficult to suck on the tongue when your kissing someone.

I was shocked in gym class to see how many girls have piercings in other parts of the body. I'm also worried about my little brother because the guys in school sometimes take piercing to a real extreme. (see Genesis ) In Jewish law, the main determination is whether a particular body piercing is done for a constructive purpose. As for men, if we're talking about a society where men also pierce their ears or other parts of their body for beauty, it is permitted – see "Rashi" Exodus 32:2. 182:1) Also, if it is done for erotic reasons, it is forbidden as a violation of the command to "be holy." (Igrot Moshe – E. ) But the real question is why you want it: If it's to be fashionable and "in," know that there are many people walking around today who regret having done things in their youth that cannot be undone. I think there are more constructive ways to express yourself than to make permanent marks on your body.

Excessive body piercing without a constructive purpose is considered making a wound, which the Torah forbids (Deut. If, however, it is common for only women to pierce, but not for men, it is forbidden to don a woman's attire or jewelry, and therefore is not allowed. In terms of your own personal growth and development, the piercing is probably not a very good idea, since it may mean identifying with a certain strata of society who may not best represent your own goals and values.

I think some of the piercing is attractive – like multiple earrings or the navel.