If you have Black Berry Internet Service, you will need to add a new signature from our Black Berry Internet Service Web site: Note: You will need to create a username and password.

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Select "Email Account Management" to change the signature for a personal email account.

Choose the desired account from those that appear and choose "Edit." Shawn Mc Clain has spent over 15 years as a journalist covering technology, business, culture and the arts.

Today's lesson will be on "How to Setup your Black Berry to Sync with Outlook." I see this question come up quite a few times and I also see that this could have saved a lot of people from having to start from scratch with their contacts, notes, calendars and tasks.

I'm using a Bold on 5.0, but this shouldn't matter for all those with 4.2 or better. The desktop manager may be slightly different depending on your version, but once you have 4.5 or better you shouldn't see too much variation.

If you use Black Berry Enterprise Server software version 4.1 for Microsoft Exchange and all software versions for Novell Group Wise and IBM Lotus Domino: There are profiles available on your Black Berry smartphone that manage notifications such as the phone ringing or vibrating when you receive a call, text or email.

You can use the standard notifications or you can customize them.

Try syncing just your contacts or just your calendar first.

Once this initial synchronization has taken place, future updates will be much faster.

Use the Black Berry® Enterprise Server option to associate your smartphone with a Microsoft® Outlook, IBM® Lotus® Notes® or Novell® Group Wise® work email account and to take advantage of advanced wireless data synchronization capabilities.

If your system administrator has provided you with an enterprise activation password, you can set up email using this option: The process varies depending on whether you have a Black Berry Enterprise Server (BES) account or a Black Berry Internet Service (BIS) account.

For your email messages: you should see icons for each of your email accounts on your Black Berry.