i still get a few PMs from people wondering why their stats no longer update on our server which no longer existsobviously local stats *do* work as they don't rely on an external machine BUT i would advise kwolf to make a backup now of his Python folders - local stats is notorious for eating them if the game crashes for any reason Hi, I recently bought BF2 Complete and installed BF2 Special ops and patch 1.5 AIX.

bf2 bfhq not updating-55bf2 bfhq not updating-64

I thought my points weren't going up because I suck however my friend who scores on average 40 points a round hasn't noticed his going up either.

I was wondering if anyone else is experiencing this problem.

However when i then go to BFHQ there is nothing updated . please help this is the main reason for me getting this game!

i just assumed he was talking about global stats, not local.

Okay guys, another 2 promotions making 6 in total, it's now Thursday & SUCCESS!!!

My advice if you get anyaward or anything, at the end of the round check your BFHQ. , but this damn BFHQ DOES NOT seem to update ANYTHING - for weeks !!!!

I set up the AIX as normal and tick the stats enabled button.

Hit play AIX and attempt to play single player level. and at the end of the map it states the stats for the map session.

ok.yesterday i was playing with some members of my clan..in a jet..the whole round.a gold and 70 points..not?

..i looked at my stats this morning and nothing.been playing EF for 3 days and my point count hasnt even moved...wtf?

You need at least 100 points scored in BF 2 proper before logging points, then you need BF2cc ...