Refinancing lets you take advantage of the good credit history you’ve built, and offers you lower interest rates than you initially received. When you refinance a federal student loan, a lender pays it off and issues you a new, private loan.That means you can’t repay the refinanced loan on an income-driven repayment plan, postpone payments using deferment or forbearance, or get loan forgiveness for working in public service.IN THIS POST: Compare refinance lenders on Credible See how much you could save Compare additional refinance lenders Read lender reviews Learn more about refinancing To estimate how much money you could save by refinancing, enter your loan information below.

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A few lenders offer hybrid rates, meaning the interest rate will be a combination of fixed and variable.

For example, Common Bond’s hybrid loan is fixed for the first five years and variable for the next five years.

Get started by checking your rates online in just two minutes. Whether you’re looking to refinance federal student loans, pay off loans sooner, or get a lower monthly payment (maybe all three), we offer a range of rates and terms.

If you have strong credit, a steady income or access to a co-signer, you may qualify to refinance your student loans.

Today, the answer to that question is probably yes!

7 out of 10 graduates are now graduating with some form of student loan debt. So Fi is one of few lenders that handles federal and private student loan consolidation.Plus, as a member, you’ll have access to a whole lot of perks: career strategy services, customer support seven days a week, invites to So Fi events, and more.Some lenders also prefer customers who have graduate degrees, especially if you have a lot of debt.This means refinancing isn’t an option for graduates who are struggling to pay their student loan bills.You’ll likely get offers for both fixed- and variable-rate loans.